The Concorde Partnership

Concorde PartnershipLearning without limits

Why choose the Concorde Partnership

6 Reasons to Study with the Concorde Partnership


  1. Learning without limits

We offer students 40+ level 3 courses, it is very likely that you will be able to study your first choice of subjects. We mainly offer the subjects that university admissions’ tutors want to see in your UCAS application form. Most importantly through partnership working, you are able to choose the combination of subjects you really want. Learning without limits.


Free transport! All our learning centres are within three miles of each other. If your chosen courses are spread across different learning centres, that’s no problem – travelling between them couldn’t be easier. We have a scheduled private bus service running daily or, if you want to travel more independently, all students have access to a network of free, well maintained cycles.


  1. Excellent teaching and results 

We have excellent, highly qualified teachers who are both passionate about their subject and are experts in teaching your age group. We pride ourselves on being a community of students and staff who work together to ensure the success of each and every individual. Many of our teachers are also exam board examiners and/or moderators.


  1. Specialised A level and Vocational facilities

Facilities at across the centres are designed to provide the right learning environment to support our 16-19 year olds studying for their courses. With learning resource centres in each site with computers, internet connection, DVDs, periodicals, newspapers and text books in fact; everything you would expect to enable you to work independently outside the classroom. Each centre has a place where you can relax and take a breath in between lessons which welcomes everyone from across the partnership. All sites are WI-FI enabled with well-equipped ICT facilities. We have modern and well-equipped science laboratories, art spaces, IT suites, a TV studio, dance and performing arts spaces and a wide range of sports facilities; all of which add to our range of excellent specialist classrooms.


  1. We care and are interested in your ambitions

Our students regularly tell us how supportive and friendly the staff are, in each of the partnership centres. Our staff care about providing you with the support you need, in a safe environment so that you can enjoy your two years of study while achieving your goals and ambitions. We will provide you with a range of academic, practical, financial and emotional support tailored to your specific needs.


  1. A stepping-stone to university and your future

We know that, for some, it is a might be daunting to travel around to other schools for one or perhaps more of your courses. To where things are less familiar to you. However, this is often seen as better preparation for university as you will develop the confidence to deal with new people and situations, while learning to manage your studies in a mature and independent way. This will prepare you for being organised in the future.


Choosing the Concorde Partnership for your studies will provide you with the perfect opportunity to meet a wide range of new people and to make new friends.


  1. An enriching education

As centre we believe in providing all our students with a broad education as well as opportunities to participate in activities and experiences that you may not normally have access to. We offer a comprehensive range of enrichment courses, sports, volunteering and mentoring opportunities, field trips and access to a wide range of inspirational outside speakers. If you want to start up a club or group yourself, just let us know.